On 15th October 2018, Ofgem published the “Switching Programme: Regulation and Governance – way forward and statutory consultation on licence modifications” The document sets out the:

  • conclusions to the June 2018 consultation;
  • statutory consultation on licence changes that will be introduced early 2019;
  • enduring content that will be designated as part of Retail Energy Code (REC) V2 (planned for mid-2021); and
  • proposals for developing further REC V2 and V3 content.

The consultation also discusses provisional timelines, objectives and document drafting. Whilst the paper in its entirety can be found above, the MRA (administered by Gemserv) have produced a series of highlight videos to help break down the paper and give the industry a better understanding of what to expect.

To view the videos click on the link below:

REC Consultation Highlights


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