Ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the UKRPA.


Client: The UK Revenue Protection Association (UKRPA)

Title: Detecting and dealing with meter tampering and theft of electricity/gas

Our Service: Secretariat

The UK Revenue Protection Association (UKRPA) is a trade association that was established in 1998 for companies involved in detecting and dealing with meter tampering and theft of electricity/gas. The UKRPA provides a forum for the exchange of information and discussion on matters of common interest related to Revenue Protection.

Our Role

In 2004 Gemserv was contracted by the UKRPA to support the work of the Association and to ensure its efficient and effective running by fulfilling the designated role of Secretary to the Association and providing administrative support for meetings such as UKRPA Committee, Standing Committees and Workgroups established under the auspices of the UKRPA.

Alongside the role of Secretary to the Association, Gemserv further provides support to their online reporting functionality, website and the organisation of their National Conference.

Online Reporting

Gemserv provides a support mechanism via an online reporting facility which allows members of the public an opportunity to report fraud/meter tampering cases. Gemserv then directs the reports generated through this facility to the appropriate UKRPA members/energy suppliers.

UKRPA National Conference

Gemserv provides promotional services through the development and management of their website and assisting with the organisation of their National Revenue Protection Conference, a two-day event which is held every 12-18 months and attended by approximately 120 UK and International delegates. Delegates include regulators, consumer groups, energy companies, overseas industry groups/companies, service providers, the Home Office and manufacturing businesses. The objective of the event is for the revenue protection industry to share ideas, discuss solutions, and provide a networking opportunity.

Gemserv’s role includes developing the budget and payment arrangements; creating the agenda in partnership with the UKRPA; organising the arrangements for speakers, sponsors and exhibitors; managing the delegate list, and where necessary, arranging overnight accommodation for the delegates; produce promotional materials to use to attract sponsorship and exhibitors; on the day facilitation of the conference including IT support and ensuring the evening activities and dinner run smoothly. Gemserv also collates, analyses and circulates any feedback post-event to the UKRPA.

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